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In the past it was not uncommon for a man to die at forty, having lived a full life. But now we
consider a lifespan of forty years to be very short. It is not unusual for people to live into their
eighties and nineties, and some even reach 100. What's more, people are living long, healthy lives
and are active well into their"golden years". Mankind's longevity is due mainly to advances in
science and technology. Medical breakthroughs have eradicated many fatal diseases that were once
common. Perhaps more importantly, better general health means that people are less likely to
contract infections in the first place. Better health also helps people prevent slowly debilitating
conditions, such as heart disease, which can take their lives at an early age. And as civilization
has advanced, our living environment and sources of food have become more sanitary. Furthermore,
work is now safer and not as taxing on the human body. We do not wear out after just a few years of
very hard work. There are many reasons why people are now living longer than ever before. But what
is more important is that they are living better as they live longer. It is my opinion that we have
scientific and technological development to thank for this progress. 
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