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What an impressive picture it is!Two young men sitting on the boat are throwing rubbish into the
lake, with all kinds of garbage floating on the surface. What is conveyed in the picture is both
realistic and thought-provoking.
Clearly, we can deduce from the picture that with the rapid development of economy, tourism as a
form of enterprise brings China a lot of benefits, but the environment is being polluted
tremendously. In public places people have no awareness that they are doing something damaging the
environment, the only environment we have. They cause inconvenience and discomfort to other
tourists, and also degrade Chinas image as a nation.
What can we do then? First, I think that government should issue severe regulations, punishing
any behavior that damages the environment. Second, the environment protection awareness of the
public should be enforced. People should know how closely the clean environment is related to their
personal lives. Lets hope we will have a cleaner and more beautiful world in the near future.
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