Internet and privacy

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Internet is playing a more important role in our life.We work with it,giving and receving orders;we
communicate with it,through e-mail,on line phone,or MSN;we entertain with it,playing games,watching
movies,and enjoying music:we study with it,looking for and exchanging information;we live with it,
doing shopping and banking.Besides,we can log on to the Internet on campus,in a bar,at home,or in a
hotel,almost anywhere anytimes.However,if we want to enjoy the service,we have to register with many
websites,typing in our name,age,gender,address,and telephone number.And these become part of
contents stored on line.With the "professional" hackers,despiteful and harmless,as well as
irresponsible website administrators,the information might be stolen and made open and even sold.A
case in point is the junk mails.A better example is the privacy of pop stars.As a result,while
enjoying the great convenience and speed of Internet,we are called sometimes by strangers,visited by
promotions and junk ads,and cheated by someone unexpectedly.Therefore,think twice before deciding
to register on line.
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