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New strides have been taken in strengthening national defense and army building.
Efforts have been redoubled to make the People's Liberation Army more
revolutionary, modernized and regularized. Our national defense capabilities
and the army's defense and combat effectiveness have further improved. The army,
the armed police and the militia have played an important role in defending
and building up our motherland. On the whole, the people have reached a well-off
standard of living. The income of urban and rural residents has gone up steadily.
The urban and rural markets have been brisk, and there has been an ample supply
of goods. The quality of life of the residents has been on the rise,
with considerable improvement in food, clothing, housing, transport and daily
necessities. There has been marked progress in building the social security
system. The seven-year program to help 80 million people out of poverty has been
in the main fulfilled. Fresh progress has been made in the great cause of
national reunification. The Chinese Government has resumed the exercise of
sovereignty over Macau. The principle of "one country, two systems" has been
implemented and the basic laws of Hong Kong and Macau special administrative
regions have been carried out to the letter. Hong Kong and Macau enjoy social
and economic stability. Personnel, economic and cultural exchanges across the
Taiwan Straits have kept increasing. The fight against "Taiwan independence"
and other attempts to split the country has been going on in depth. New prospects
have been opened up in our external work. In light of the developments and
changes in the international situation, we have adhered to the correct foreign
policy and related principles. We have carried out both bilateral and
multilaterald iplomatic activities extensively and taken an active part in
internation alexchanges and cooperation. China's international standing has risen
stillfurther. An all-out endeavor has been made to build up the Partyideologically,
organizationally and in work style. Our ideological and political work has
been strengthened. New steps have been taken in the reform of the personnel system.
Theendeavor to build a clean and honest government and combat corruption has been
going on in depth and yielding fresh notable results.
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