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My name is Peter, and today i am going to introduce you to my favorite books. My first one is
Geronimo Stilton, i like him because he makes very funny books and it is like a mouse is making a
book i especially like the Kingdom of Fantasy books they are like real life paintings, is what my
mom said. Next is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books they are like Awesome books i like this one Rodrick
Rules because i like it because i have it no seriously i actually have it. Next up is Bone i have
it two, because i have so much books i donate some to the Library and i get like one-million doller
bill's anyways, the 2nd thing of why i like bone is because i am a big fan of skeletons and bone
well, they are same because they are both white but the difference is that Bone is alive and
skeletons are passed-out humans, Next up the list is Pokemon if you play Pokemon go or something
like that you already now everything but for those who don't know Pokemon it is a group of
imaginary animals they are 4 steps called common,rare,super-rare,and,last but not least LEGENDARY
now that is all of my favorite books, i know even tho it is a very short book i hope you still like
it now good bye and see you in the next story.
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