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My name is Peter and i am going to tell you about some of my family's Electronics.Lets do my Amazon
Tablet, it is a yellow tablet like on the back there is all yellow and a carved sign that says
Amazon, my tablet is two and a half years old,i had it for my Christmas Present i wished for a i-pad
But Santa gave me a tablet i loved it my mom first made a account and then me,now next up is my
mom's phone it is 2 years old, it sis a apple i-phone it is basically just white and a carved apple
i know your probally saying what type is it it is an i-phone seven but my dads better,well, we will
get to that part in ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one,zero, my dads phone is also an
apple and his i-phone is a ten the best modol he gave up his i-phone seven to a ten, now its my
grandmas i-pad it is i don't know year's old it is a apple also a pro an i-pad pro, now my grandmas
phone it is i forgot how old it is also it is a seven an i-phone seven it is. Now lets do there
cases, my moms just a normal plane white one my grandmas a pattern of black and golden or yellow i
forgot and my dads is black just black it is so thick that i can't squeeze it. That is all of my
family's electronics hope you enjoy bye-bye.
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