Peter's Best Trip to Legoland

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Today i went on my best trip to Legoland let me tell you how it got started So first i went on our
car to drive there, when we arrived we first did Ninjago the ride, i was Jay,my dad was Lloyed,my
mom was Nya,and my bro was Kai,and we were first place! Next up we did the Aquazone my left shoe
got wet, we were spinning around in jet skis. Next up was Pharaohs Revenge, we actually kind of got
balled a little. Next was the Beetle Bounce i was kind of scared at first then it was actually
pretty fun. Next was the Lost Kingdom adventure i beated my high score. next was Legoland driving
test i did so good i got a extra license. Next is the Legoland Water Park i did everything on the
right because the Left was all baby stuff. Next up was the Sky Patrol i was so high on it that i
felt like siting on a real helicopter i gone on a police one. Next up is the Legoland Driving test
again sense i already tolled you my driving test i'll tell you my brothers it is just a oval driving
place.And that is all thank you for reading this i hope you like it see ya.
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