Me and my friends Powers

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So this is how it started, First watched a video on Youtube it was called what is your power hidden
inside you. from Bright side if you want to watch it you could do this click new tab go on youtube
search this Bright side what is your true power hidden inside you. Lets start with my Power, my
powers fire witch is very very cool to me i mean once i got to know my power i just like touched
like everything that was super hot so it was like you are touching the hottest window in the world
while you are screaming for your life and me touching a window and touching fire at the same time.
Next up is Rejina, her power is Water witch is really really lame to me i but she thinks totally
thinks different, it is like shes in a SPA and thinks it as a really small pool with warm water
even though i sometimes say that its to hot because i put out my fire.
and know it is Angleleak/the weakest her power is wood witch is not that cool i mean she... yeah
she do not really have much to do with her power.
Anyways that's all thanks for typing.
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