Marble Caves

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Where are when were these Marble Caves found, today i am going to tell you the places, lets tell
you the only one, it is located in Chile Chico, it was found at 1880 it was formed 6000 plus years!
ago the rock is calcium carbonate, that is the rock it is located at General Carrera Lake, marbles
are metamorphic Spanish it is Cuevas de Marmol. you can tell it isn't a rock because you can
give it a scratch test, if its hard to scratch then that means it is a rock if its easy to scratch
then it is a marble and also don't scratch with your own fingers use a knife blade.the wight would
be five-billion pounds, to get there you would have to ride in a boat about four and a half feet,
there are a lot of names for Marble Caves i'm going to tell them to you now the names are,
Marble Cave,Marble Cavern,Marble Cathedreal,and Mable Champel. the color of the Marble Caves turn
from grey to blue it also includes odd pink,they were formed by water and weather eroshioneing
(sorry i don't know how to ... yeah i can't explain that either) thousands of years. here are the
how the world Marble Caves are said in Spanish ones Catedral de Marmol and the other one is
Capilla de Marmol.
and that is all thank you for typing and i hope you enjoy it bye
P.S i didn't get the info all by myself i just went to a lot of websites.
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