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I am very sorry that the pressure of other occupations has prevented me from sending an earlier
reply to your letter.In my opinion a man's first duty is to find a way of supporting himself,thereby
relieving other people of the necessity of supporting him.Moremore,the learning to do work of
practical value in the world,in an exact and careful manner,is of itself a very important education,
the effects of which make themselves felt in all other pursuits.The habit of doing that which you do
not care about when you would much rather be doing something else,is invaluable.It would have have
saved me a frightful waste of time if I had ever had it drilled into me in youth.Success in any
scientific career requires an unusual equipment of capacity,industry,and energy.If you possess that
equipment,you will find leisure enough after your daily commercial work is over,to make an opening
in the scientific ranks for yourself.If you don't,you had better stick to commerce.Nothing is less
to be desired than the fate of a young man who,as the Scotch proverb says,in "trying to make a spoon
spoils a horn,"and becomes a mere hanger on a literature or in science,when he might have been a
useful and a valuable member of Society in other occupations.I think that your father ought to see
this letter.Yours faithfully,T.H.Huxley
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