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In current society,we come across too many people who put too much emphasis on certificate.In many
cases,the certificate has become the sole criterion for judging a person,deciding whether he can get
an opportunity or even get a job.I argue that we should not put too much emphasis on certificates.
To begin with,we should not take it for granted that those who hold one or two important
certificates will naturally do a good job.Moreover,on and off campus,people are busy taking part in
all kinds of training classes,where they are taught specific skills for passing examinations and
obtaining certificates.What worries me most is that fake certificates are on the rise:The buyers
want to get the certificate without working hard while the sellers want to make easy money.All that
has been discussed above points to the fact that if we want to evaluate and judge a person
objectively,we should find out his practical ability while taking the certificates into
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