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Until quite recently most people hold a hostile attitude towards daydreaming.Some people view it as
an escape from duties and responsibilities,while others consider it a sheer waste of time.Many
others,however,insist that daydreaming is of great benefit in many respects.To begin with,
daydreaming,as scientists tell us,is a good means of active relaxation,which is extremely beneficial
when we are experiencing great difficulties.What's more,surprisingly enough,it also improves our
ability of getting along with others.Last but not least,daydreaming is useful in shaping our future
life as we dream to be.If we always hold an ideal self image in our mind,we will almost probably see
it come true step by step.Now that we can draw the conclusion that daydreaming is most beneficial,
why not make good use of it to make life rich and rewarding?
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