my view on keeping pets

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Recently,more and more people begin to keep pets.They argue that keeping pets brings several
advantages.First,a pet is a good companion,especially to old and lonely people.Second,a pet in the
family can always bring amusement and entertainment.What's more,getting on well with pets could make
a person more careful,considerate and responsible.Keeping pets also brings many problems.To begin
with,we have heard too many instances of pets,such as dogs and cats,injuring people.Once bitten,the
victim should receive treatment as soon as possible.Moreover,pets may also spread diseases because
they cannot be always clean.Finally,many pets are too expensive to keep.We must be surprised to know
how much it costs to buy and keep a rare dog.From what has been discussed above,we can see clearly
that the disadvantages are more obvious.The government should control the total number of pets,and
the owner should take care of his pet lest it pollute the environment or spread diseases or even
attack people.
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